Welcome babe! You have stumbled upon the first blog I've written here, and I am so glad to see you. See it took me a while to create this space. A place where I can come and share my experiences, thoughts, feelings, oh shit moments, and my knowledge. I want this place to be where I can connect with all of you, and create a positive uplifting community for all. I figured the best way to start this party is with a really great discussion (and perhaps wine).

Have you ever caught yourself scrolling through Instagram and FaceBook a little too much lately? Have you ever closely analyzed how you felt afterwards? Were you inspired? Were you motivated? Perhaps, you felt depressed. You scroll past highly orchestrated perfectly posed selfies of women you only "wished" you could look like or travel to that place they are standing in. Maybe you caught yourself thinking something like, "I would be so much happier if only I had abs". or " if only I had x, y, z". If you find yourself thinking this way, you may want to take a step back from scrolling the good ol' gram and other media platforms.

See, when we get caught up in comparing ourselves and our lives to someone else's "highlight reel", we start to loose touch with ourselves, and become distracted.

"Comparison is the thief of joy". - Theodore Roosevelt

We start to loose touch with our highest self because we are so busy wishing to live someone else life. When you constantly compare, you become devalue yourself. You are saying to the universe "I AM NOT ENOUGH". You put that energy out there. You are erasing all the joy and experiences you have had. Babe, let me tell you this. Life isn't perfect. We are not perfect. Hell, those Instagram models are not perfect. No one and nothing ever is. That is the beauty of life! Life would be so boring and plain if we were all the same. So why is it that we can never be content with who we are? Vulnerability.

it is so much easier to try to pretend to be someone else than it is to see ourselves for who we are. It means that we would have to face all our demons, all our truths and in that moment of being vulnerable with ourselves we feel weak. We feel our faults and mistakes make us less than we are. In reality, those are most interesting parts of what makes you, YOU! Don't be afraid of the things that make you different. Embrace those little mannerisms, embrace all the lumps, bumps and tiger stripes. I am here to tell you, enough. Enough already of the bullshit you tell yourself everyday, enough of the name calling and self bullying, enough of making yourself small, enough to people walking over you, enough of not going after that job you want or starting your business, enough comparing yourself to other people's illusions. Proudly embrace your entire being and shout to the mountains "I AM ENOUGH". Then my darling, I want you to BE ENOUGH.

-Jana xo

"I AM ENOUGH" the most rebellious words ever spoken. -Jana Roller