Badass Bossbabes in Business - Feature Premier: Kendra Cartier aka Balanced Vision Fitness

Yo where my boss babes at?! If you are reading this post this means you have stumbled upon my new feature series! Welcome to the Badass Bossbabes in Business series that will be featuring one Badass Bossbabe every week!

Now you may find yourself asking "...but Jana, I don't have a business so how is reading these going to benefit me?" Well, so glad you asked deary, because I am all about sisterhood, connection, and TRIBE. I want to support not only my fellow babes in business because I am over the moon, pee your pants, go streaking kind of excited about entrepreneurship but also all the ladies out there who are just trying to find their way through life, and perhaps the boss babe you meet here is someone you need to help you in YOUR life. You never know she just may become your new BFF. Just call me your life match maker!

PLUS the cool thing about this series is all women featured here share their struggles, truths, talk to you about overcoming their limiting beliefs, body image issues, how the feel with being photographed and how they came to be so badass. These lovely ladies are going to give all of us some serious LIFE NUGGETS.

DOUBLE BONUS, they have all been shot by yours truly! 

So GF ,grab your wine, throw your hair up in a bun, and get ready to be inspired!

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Boss Babe of the Week



"The energy that you put out in the world is the energy you get back, so I focus on only putting out my best energy."



        It’s Kendra, the name behind Balanced Vision Fitness; my online fitness business. I coach women to eliminate a restrictive mindset and achieve their goals through fitness and health. I’m passionate about helping females with this because I’ve lived the restrictive life, missing out on family outings and holidays all because I thought that was the only way to achieve my desired body. I’ve personally gone through extreme hormonal issues because of this restrictive life and I now want to be the voice to teach, impact, and connect with other women. I’ve been the less then confident, insecure and unhappy female and I don’t want anyone else to feel that way. 
        I want to be able to show other females that they can live the life that they desire all while obtaining a healthy mindset with food and the gym. I want females to feel confident and happy in their own skin no matter what season they are in. Personally, I feel like I cannot teach females this if I don’t feel this way myself and I think one way to show that is through images. The energy that you put out in the world is the energy you get back, so I focus on only putting out my best energy. I feel like Jana captures this perfectly in all of our shoots together. I can’t count how many times Jana tells me during a shoot “okay now laugh!” and I can do it on cue every time without struggle, her reply is always “you're so good at that!!!!”. And honestly, its because I am happy and I love laughing! I want to attract women like that into my life and my business.
        For me, getting behind a camera isn’t always easy though. I struggle with body image and confidence as well. There are days when I want to pick outfits that cover up my body more then others, some days I don’t think my makeup or hair looks on point but after a few minutes behind the camera I gain my confidence and sass. Shooting badass pictures of myself brings out my inner sass! Being behind the camera has already taught me so much confidence no matter how my body is looking. I know that I don’t have to be completely shredded in order to look bomb AF in a photo, I just need to be happy, secure and the rest will come.


I just want to take the time to honour and really appreciate Kendra for sharing a part of her story and vulnerabilty with all of us! So thank you Kendra for sharing and DAYUUUMMM GRL you look amazing and ARE amazing! <3

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