privacy policy

Our promise to you...

Having a boudoir empowerment session or fitness photography session is a very special and intimate experience. Your privacy and comfort is the utmost importance to me. As a experienced and top photographer in the Okanagan area, keeping your information and images private are top priority.

Whether you are doing a session for yourself or for a significant other/partner, celebrity, high profile client or someone who wants to keep their images private, please know what your session images are never shared, displayed, published, or printed without your 100% written permission. Your images means you have full control. If you decide to share your images I do need a written contract giving me permission to do so.

Your experience with me means everything

From the time you email to final product in your hands I am with you every step of the way. I guide you through what outfits to shop for, how to pose during your session and product options. Whether you chose to keep your images private or share, the experience will still be bomb AF.

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