023: Don't feel guilty how others feel about your pain


For many of us that have experienced trauma or painful experiences in life but withold talking about them because of fear, judgement, and feeling guilty about how our loved ones may feel about our pain.

In this episode I talk you through about how I let go of feeling guilty about my painful and traumatic experiences of being molested by a family member may hurt my immediate family. If your ready to get deep and dive into this emotionally raw episode, then hit play!

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About Host Jana Roller

I have lost 140lb naturally through diet and exercise while overcoming emotional binge eating disorder, depression and anxiety which led me on the path of becoming a certified coach myself. Along side coaching, I am a successful entrepreneur running two businesses. I am internationally award winning and published photographer of 10 years specializing in empowerment & fitness photography as well as specializing in content photography for influencers/businesses/entrepreneurs. I am a certified personal trainer and certified in fitness nutrition. I coach and shoot clients from all over North America to not only empower their minds, but their bodies as well. My goal is to empower and inspire people to be fierce AF and give them the tools to be successful in their lives and businesses.

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