026: My "ah-ha" moment in the shower (its not what you think)

ON THIS TALK TUESDAY: Let's talk about body image! In this episode I go over some major realizations about myself, and the world as a woman in realtion to body image after seeing Amy Schumer's new move "I feel Pretty". Sorry guys there are some movie spoiler's in there #sorrynotsorry but definitely take a listen to hear all about my opinion of the movie and how it made it to my top 5 fave's of all time!

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About Host Jana Roller

Jana Roller is a certified personal trainer, fitness nutritionist and award winning international photographer. She helps women reclaim their bad-assery, overcome self limiting beliefs, repair their self worth. Jana empowers women and helps them reconnect their soul and bodies through health & wellness coaching, and empowerment photography.

Jana, who has lost 140lb and over came severe depression, anxiety and emotional binge eating disorder through nutriton, weight lifting, and deveopling a positive mindset. Jana speaks openly about her emotional binge eating disorder as a side-affect of PTSD from experiencing childhood trauma and rape as a teen. Through her journey to self-love, body acceptance, health, and the drive to live her best life, Jana now helps other's do the same. To empower them mind, body and soul.

 Jana's personal journey has been featured on The Doctors, People.com, Allure.com, Global News, CTV, Fitness Insider Women, Shape.com, national and various other international new sources.

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